Thank you for enquiring about, or purchasing a used vehicle from us.

If the used vehicle you purchase from us no longer has 12 months manufacturer warranty remaining then we will provide you with a 12 months/unlimited mileage Ford Protect warranty free of charge. This means should any fault occur with the vehicle (that is covered under the warranty terms) within the first 12 months of your ownership it can be diagnosed and repaired at any vat registered garage nationally.

We appreciate that faults may occur with the car after the first 12 months of your ownership and that is why we strongly recommend you extend your warranty to the maximum of 36 months. Ford Protect is a Ford Motor Company endorsed product that suits not just a Ford vehicle, but all manufacturers – even prestige vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

In addition to the 12 months Ford Protect warranty that we provide, you can purchase anything from an extra 3 months to 24 months' cover. If the car you are purchasing is less than 10 years old and has less than 100,000 miles you will be eligible for the Gold level of cover. The Ford Protect Gold package and the level of cover has been enhanced and is now one of the best on the market.

With unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the vehicle, unlimited mileage, no excess, and repairs carried out at any vat registered garage in the UK & Europe. The repairs cover the cost of genuine manufactures parts, labour and VAT.

Should a fault or failure happen in the warranty period you will need to book it into your local vat registered garage for diagnostic (please note that a diagnostic charge may apply). Once a fault is confirmed the repairing garage will contact Ford Protect with the fault and repair costs for them to authorise.

Basically vehicles are classed as either standard or special rated depending on the make and model. A Fiesta, Focus, Kuga style car will be a standard rated and BMW, Mercedes & Audi high end model vehicles will be classed a special rated. Please contact the sales team as they will be able to tell you exactly what rating your chosen car is.

Please note that this product is available for virtually all makes & models NOT just the Ford range. It also covers commercial and hire & reward vehicles.

As your vehicle gets older and with the price of vehicle parts ever increasing and typical dealership labour rates about £100+vat per hour the Ford Protect Gold Warranty is the perfect product for vehicles outside their manufactures warranty cover.

Is it worth the risk not covering your vehicle?  It is often classed as the second most expensive purchase we undertake.

Please note that we are able to provide this product to customers who have NOT purchased their vehicle from us but just want to have/renew a warranty on their car. Also customers who have purchased a warranty and it is due to expire we ARE able to renew your warranty.

The above is an overview of the product and the salesperson will be able to explain in more detail and provide you with the exact costs. Please call 01626 352000 or e-mail mq@swansonmotors.co.uk



Warranty that works

Quality and dependability are, no doubt two of the main reasons why you chose to drive a Ford in the first place. All Ford vehicles are designed and built to extremely high standards, with the aim of delivering a fun and carefree driving experience. However, over time some mechanical parts of your car may wear and in some cases could fail and need replacing, leaving you with an unexpected repair bill. You can now have peace of mind with the Ford Protect Mechanical Breakdown Warranty. Put simply, it could mean no more repair bills on covered components for up to 3 years, leaving you to get on with enjoying your Ford experience.

Protect your vehicle for the road ahead

Ford Protect takes over when your manufacturer’s warranty expires, or has already expired, and covers cars and commercial vehicles up to 4.6 tonnes GVW.

(Subject to your vehicle having been maintained in accordance to the manufacturer’s service schedule by an authorised repairer) Gold Cover levels: For vehicles less than 10 years old and 100,000 miles at point of warranty sale.

Judge it by its cover

Ford Protect Gold

* Individual claims limit up to the purchase price of the vehicle, as shown on the Warranty Certificate

* 3 to 36 months duration of cover available

* Failure due to wear and tear on all covered components up to 70,000 miles

* Whilst there is no mileage limit for mechanical or electrical failures, where the failure is due to wear and tear of a covered component, there is a limit of 70,000 miles at time of failure

* Maximum vehicle age at warranty inception is 10 years

* Maximum vehicle mileage at warranty inception is 100,000 miles

The above is an abbreviated list of covered components. A full detailed description of this warranty is shown in the Warranty booklet.



3 year warranty on a used car?

A new car has a 3 year warranty. Why shouldn’t your used car have a 3 year warranty? The listing below details some of the features and systems covered by Ford Protect Gold.

Hidden cost of owning your car

Your car is covered by the Ford manufacturer warranty for 3 years or 60,000 miles. After this the cost of repair is met by yourself, unless of course you have a Ford Protect Gold Warranty. As the age and mileage of your vehicle increases, the risk of an unexpected mechanical failure also increases, whilst an electrical failure can occur at any time.

Where is your vehicle on the graph below and more importantly, where will it be in 3 years time?


We really have got it covered

Additional Warranty Options (will incur an additional cost)

Ford Protect AA Roadside Assistance: (may only be purchased with a Ford Protect contract at additional cost)

The AA will provide assistance at the roadside or your home; if your car won’t start, has run out of fuel or even for an accident. The AA will either get you back on the road, or recover you to the nearest authorised repairer.

MOT Test Warranty:

(at additional cost, vehicle must have 90 days existing MOT)

In the event of an MOT test failure, MOT Test Warranty covers specific items listed on the VT30 fail certificate, including lighting, suspension, steering, brakes, seat belts, sensors.

Protection is available for the next 1, 2 or 3 consecutive MOT tests.

Claim limit per failed MOT is £750 (£25 excess).

Additional information

This document provides a summary of cover only, for full details of all Your warranty benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions, You should read the Ford Protect Used Mechanical Breakdown Warranty booklet, a copy of which will be provided immediately after Your warranty is taken out or at any time on request. On receipt of Your Warranty booklet, You will have time to decide if You wish to cancel the warranty - see “Your Right of Cancellation” below.

The Ford Protect Mechanical Breakdown Warranty is administered by Ford Protect Administration.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

a) be more than 10 years old, with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer on the date of purchase;

b) Appear on the Excluded Vehicle list held by the selling dealer.

Queries and Claims Procedure (see Warranty Booklet for full details)

In the event that You have reason to claim, You should take the vehicle to Your supplying dealer or an Authorised Repairer. Full details of how to make a claim are included in the Warranty booklet.

The Administrator for the warranty is:-

Ford Protect Administration,

Arterial Road, Laindon,

Essex SS15 6EE

Tel: 0370 2416726 Email: protect@ford.com

to whom You should address any queries in respect of the warranty.

Right of Cancellation (See Warranty Certificate for full details)

You have a statutory right to cancel the warranty within 14 days, starting on the later of the date You enter into the agreement, or, if different, the date You receive the Warranty Certificate. You are only entitled to cancel the complete warranty i.e. You cannot cancel just one of the Sections.

To cancel the warranty, please contact the Ford dealer from whom You purchased the warranty or, alternatively, write to the Administrator at the following address:-

Ford Protect Administration,

Arterial Road, Laindon,

Essex SS15 6EE

Tel: 0370 2416726 Email: protect@ford.com

On receipt of Your notice of cancellation (within 14 days), You will be entitled to the following refund in respect of the fee paid for this warranty product:-

ii. a full refund of the fee in the event that You have not received any payment under the warranty;

ii. a refund of the difference, less an Administration Charge of £35 inclusive of VAT, where the fee is in excess of any payments that have been made under the warranty;

iii. No refund where the payment(s) that have been made under the warranty exceeds the fee. In the event that You wish to cancel at any other time (after 14 days), You will not be entitled to a return of any part of the fee paid.

Complaints procedure

Although We aim to please, things can sometimes go wrong. We would rather You told Us if You are not completely satisfied.

Therefore in the event of any complaint, You should in the first instance write to

Ford Protect Administration

Arterial Road, Laindon,

Essex SS15 6EE

IIn the unlikely event that You cannot resolve the matter to Your complete satisfaction with the Administrator, You should write to Us. You will find Our contact details on the Warranty Certificate. Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by the terms of this certificate.

Descriptions, illustrations and specifications. This leaflet is correct at the time of going to print. However, due to the continuous nature of product development, the right is reserved to change specifications of the items illustrated and described in this publication at any time.

Wording - This leaflet demonstrates the key benefits and restrictions of the Ford Protect Mechanical Breakdown Warranty and additional benefits, only. Please see a member of staff for up to date Ford Protect Warranty wording.

This Mechanical Breakdown Warranty is endorsed and promoted in conjunction with:

Ford Motor Company Ltd,

Arterial Road,


Essex SS15 6EE


March 2019 © Ford Motor Company Limited


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